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Eco-friendly building or Green Building, is one of the biggest trends in construction right now. Not only does it reduce negative impact on the environment, but also is more cost-efficient in the long run (and is a good PR-move). As contractors, we are one of the biggest influencers on the decision to go green and wanted to break down a few options on how you can go green too.

Image Of Dome Chartering Building Annapolis Green Building LEED

Dome Chartering


Anything that helps reduce energy use benefits both the environment and your bank account. Increased and proper insulation cuts down on electricity bills; this includes interior wall insulation and energy efficient windows. Although popular belief is equipment that is energy efficient is less capable, this is not true at all; look for products that have been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. Choosing eco-friendly lighting (LED or CFL) will cost more upfront, but will save you money in the long run because they use less energy.


Image Of Dover Air Force Base Chapel Green Building LEED

Dover Air Force Base Chapel


The location and environment of a building is a big factor in green building as well. By choosing a location that is near public transportation, it allows both your employees and customers to cut back on their energy usage. After construction and depending on the landscape, adding in a small garden or fully landscaping with native trees is a great eco-friendly option – it brightens up the appearance as well. If you want to install solar panels, both the location of your building and the direction in which it faces are important aspects to keep in mind. While sometimes these choices are limited, if it is possible, it is definitely something to take into consideration.


Image Of Priest Bridge Business Park Lot 8 Green Building

Priest Bridge Business Park


Of course, the materials you decide to use during construction have a huge impact. Reusing materials from an old building is a great option, but buildings can be constructed with recycled materials (like recycled plastic, glass, and tile) now, too. This is something you need to decide on in the beginning so start thinking about it when you begin the planning process.

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