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National Dessert Day

National Dessert Day with BGC | G&G

October may be known as the month for candy, but on October 14 it’s time to celebrate all sweets for
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Back To School Builds

It’s that time of year again: back-to-school. The kids may feel sad because that means that summer is over; the
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Image Of Gambrills Veterinary Center At Night

Doghouse Repairs

What comes to mind when you think of July? Fireworks, apple pie, and stars and stripes perhaps? July is also
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Image Of Wood Texture

Yearly Office Survey

BGC | G&G has been around for over 90 years and we are constantly growing. Now, we’re one of the
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Image Of 1000 Bestgate Annapolis Project

New Project – 1000 Bestgate Annapolis

Our newest project: 1000 Bestgate Tenant Fitout is a 2-floor renovation of the First National Bank building in Annapolis. The
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Image Of Severn Village Progress

New Headquarters Update

Stopped by the new BGC | G&G headquarters today! It’s really starting to take shape thanks to Ed Fox in
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How To Spend Your Tax Return

Each year you probalby just take your wife out on a fancy picnic with all of the wads of cash
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Happy Halloween!

A big Happy Halloween from the BGC | G&G office crew!  We always have a blast with this holiday.  
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School Field Trip

We hope everyone had as much fun as we did and enjoyed taking measurements, writing on fresh concrete, and learning some
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Bay Breezer Event At Severn Village

The ABC Chesapeake Shores’ Bay Breezer Networking event at our future new home “Severn Village”! It was a big success,
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July Office Birthdays

Here at BGC | G&G we have had several July office birthdays!  When you see each other every day, birthday’s
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Small Business Week!

Happy Small Business Week! Did you know BGC | G&G is a small business?  Yes, and we are proud of
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Fireside Dining in Maryland

There is nothing better on a cold night than gathering with friends next to a roaring fire, hot drink in hand.  If you’re looking
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Chart House Renovations

The Annapolis, Maryland Chart House Restaurant is undergoing a 3 phase, full scale renovation during the winter of 2014.  Formerly
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BGC | G&G Renovation Projects

BGC | G&G knows there are multiple and varied factors to take into consideration during our renovation projects.  Often, a facility must
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Building Up Eastport

Some of Eastport’s most recognized buildings were built by BGC | G&G. You have dined, done business, raced, worked, and
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The Lunchbox is Complete

The Lunchbox built by BGC | G&G is complete! This concept restaurant is located in the Chevy Chase Pavilion. Get
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Fire Squad Facility Update

Progress Photo | Lexington Park Volunteer Rescue Squad Facility.  We are proud to be working on such an important project
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Opening Night

Opening night of the Blackwall Hitch in Eastport, Maryland was jam packed!  Every inch of the newly renovated space was
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Fun On The Job

Know that when you see First National Bank in Severna Park that our boys are working hard, being safe, AND
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First National Bank in SP

Progress Photo of First National Bank in Severna Park, Maryland.
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