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Safety Is Our Priority
Here at BGC | G&G we are fully committed to safety in the workplace at all times.  Our full-time safety director’s soul responsibility is ensuring the safety of all persons who enter jobs sites and safeguarding related equipment and property.  BGC |  G&G is very proud of our employees and our excellent safety record. 

Safety Awards
Each year BGC | G&G receives a STEP Award and a Chapter Safety Award from Associated Builders & Contractors, Inc. These two awards have strict requirements concerning our Incident Rating, EMR Rating, OSHA Rating, Fatalities, and 20 Key Components as measured by ABC. 

Training is one of the most consistent ways we ensure our employees have the proper skills to perform their jobs in a safe and effective manner.  All new employees receive a safety handbook and go through OSHA approved training.  BGC | G&G conducts monthly “Tool Box” safety meetings at all job sites to ensure this remains a priority.

Site Inspections
Site inspections are regularly conducted at each active project. Superintendents and Safety Directors inspect the entire job and note any safety deficiencies.  Follow-up inspections verify deficiencies have been corrected.  BGC | G&G safety site inspections are unannounced and follow OSHA standards.

BGC | G&G monitors the safety programs of its subcontractors from pre-qualification to on-site operations.  All personnel are trained to identify and immediately report possible safety violations.  We take the extra step of aiding the subcontractors in improving and updating their safety programs too.  Together, these efforts help spread the safety-conscious mindset and practices throughout our job-sites. 

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